CloSYS Silver Multi-Benefit Fluoride Rinse


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Formulated for the Mouths of Adults 55+

As we age our oral health begins to deteriorate. Teeth weaken, gum health suffers and mouths become more sensitive. CloSYS Silver Rinse with fluoride is specially formulated to help adults 55+ fight cavities and strengthen enamel without the burn or irritation.  CloSYS Silver Multi-Benefit Fluoride Rinse is pH balanced for mouths that become more sensitive as we get older. It reinforces tooth enamel and protects against adult cavities that occur more frequently due to changing diet, medications, and other medical conditions.


CloSYS is pH balanced to reduce acid levels in the mouth that increase the potential for germ growth and are harmful to teeth enamel.

With an exceptional antimicrobial patented formula, CloSYS activates naturally when it contacts your saliva for faster results.

CloSYS reduces harmful dental biofilm, which if left to accumulate around the gum-line can lead to the development of gingivitis.

The difference between CloSYS and other oral rinses is its ability to eliminate the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that cause bad breath. It also kills the harmful bacteria that create VSC and gum infection, without any alcohol or additives to cause burning or irritation. Use it in conjunction with CloSYS Silver Gentle Fluoride Toothpaste to maintain a healthy pain-free mouth.


CloSYS is made in the USA
CloSYS has been granted over 40 patents worldwide

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