Dr. Ellie's Oral Health Bootcamp now accepting enrolments

by Healthy Kiwis

Dr. Ellie's Oral Health Bootcamp is now accepting enrolments from Australia and New Zealand.

Are you ready to put an end to cavities, fillings, sensitivity, or never-ending gum problems?

Do you want to enjoy shiny, clean teeth, without continuous, painful, & expensive trips to the dentist?

Introducing Dr. Ellie's Oral Health Bootcamp

While working as a dentist, Dr. Ellie developed a method to dramatically improve the oral health of her patients. Her System employs specific and well-known over-the-counter oral care products that can bring harmony and balance to the mouth’s ecology.

As a bootcamp participant, you will gain a deeper understanding of this Complete Mouth Care System. Why she chose the products she did. What each product does to improve your oral health. And her tips & tricks for getting the most out of the System.

You may have a nice smile or believe you have good teeth, but this may not be an accurate indicator of oral health. Today over 50% of 30-year olds in the U.S. are unaware they have gum disease. Mouth health has been linked with many chronic inflammatory health conditions.

If you have a family history of heart problems, dementia or arthritis consider oral health as part of your health profile, and learn how to test and take vital steps to improve your oral health now.

In this course, Dr. Ellie's goal is to make it easy for you to understand why oral health issues occur.

What is actually happening in your mouth. What's the science. Why did it happen to you? And then what you can do to ultimately stop, reverse & prevent oral health issues.

Dr. Ellie's advice is effective and positive results are usually noticed within days of starting her program.

It targets four main topics: these are the keys, or secrets, to improved oral health.

These include daily oral care, diet and nutrition, the role of our immune system, and how to sidestep the risk factors that damage oral health.