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Are you ready to put an end to cavities, fillings, sensitivity, or never-ending gum problems?

Do you want to enjoy shiny, clean teeth, without continuous, painful, & expensive trips to the dentist?


Dentist, author, entrepreneur, educator, researcher, mother of 5, grandmother of 8, and now, online oral health course instructor!

Dr. Ellie has helped thousands of people tackle their oral health issues over the 40+ years of her dental career

Her passion is in helping people stop, reverse, and prevent oral health issues by empowering them through education

Founding Member of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH)

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4 Hours of Videos

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Dr. Ellie's Oral Health Bootcamp is available in Australia & New Zealand, and around the world

14 Modules

The 14 module course is 100% self-paced so you will be able to work through the videos whenever it suits

Your toothbrush could be harbouing the bad bacteria that are causing your oral health issues. Dr. Ellie will show you how to avoid repeat transmission of these bad bacteria via toothbrushes!

In this module, she also covers how to properly brush for maximum benefit and what toothbrushes you should avoid and which ones you should be using.

With so many oral care products out in the market today how do you know which ones that are the best for your oral health?

So many products claim to be helping you with a particular problem you may be experiencing, like sensitivity, dry mouth, bad breath - but many of these products are only covering up the problem - and many lead to other issues.

In this module, Dr. Ellie explains what she believes are the best products, and why.

Mouth health is influenced by a myriad of changing conditions that occur 24/7 as we live our lives. In addition, there are factors that stress mouth health, but others that restore balance.

Understanding how to navigate these changes to the benefit of our oral health is not difficult. In this module, Dr. Ellie helps you assess "a-day-in-the-life" of your mouth!

Sensitivity appears to be the #1 oral health concern in the United States today.

Sensitive toothpaste may not be the best answer, and it can take you on a downward trajectory to encounter more oral health problems.

Cavities are not the same thing as caries – and knowing the difference is important!

A cavity may be difficult for you to heal, but caries can usually be stopped and easily reversed with the correct use of at-home oral care products.

Not all gum disease is equal! Gingivitis cannot be compared with periodontal disease and techniques for their resolution are completely different.

Today over 50% of 30-year-olds in the U.S. have moderate forms of gum disease and many are unaware of the implications and links with chronic inflammatory health problems.

Loss of gum tissue is frightening and can leave your mouth sore and painful. Often the underlying bone will start to regress, leading to tooth loosening or loss.

Damage from flossing and homemade toothpaste can be causes of this problem. The sooner recession stops and is prevented – the better your chance of repair will be.

Years of experience have made Dr. Ellie a total believer in the amazing benefits that xylitol offers, particularly for anyone experiencing oral health problems, cavities, sensitivity, dry mouth or gum disease.

How you use xylitol makes a difference and you must consume enough in frequent, small amounts, for maximum benefit. You also can adjust daily habits and oral care routines to enjoy the power of xylitol at its best!

Saliva’s healing capacity is impacted by our daily nutrition and digestive health.

In this module Dr. Ellie discusses the things you can do to improve the quality of your saliva and ultimately the health of your mouth.

There is so much misunderstanding about “Fluoride”. As a young dentist Dr. Ellie witnessed how some fluoride products could benefit oral health.

She also had a shocking personal experience of damaging the health of her children with fluoridated water and now advocates for the removal of artificial fluoride from water supplies.

If you want whiter teeth, artificial tooth whitening is not Dr. Ellie's recommended first-choice option.

If you want to know more about the dangers of whitening, you must learn how these products work and how they damage tooth enamel and internal tooth proteins as they make your smile appear whiter.

Dr. Ellie gives you strong opinions about baking soda, tongue scraping, flossing and water flossing, oil pulling, and rechargeable toothbrushes.

One or two of these products may have a place, but others should be avoided for the reasons she will explain.

Your goal is to reach such a high level of oral health that you no longer need a dental cleaning.

As you work towards this goal there are questions to ask your dentist and ways to express your interest in being a decision-maker about your teeth and gums.

Dr. Ellie is convinced, after talking with patients and dentists for decades, that the most important thing we need is certainty about the actual condition of our mouth health.

Saliva testing can give us this picture into the condition of our mouths. It measures the levels of harmful bacteria floating in saliva.

It is a simple spit test that will tell you if your levels are a concern and indicate an infection in your gums. This test gives a more balanced view than seeing bacteria under a microscope and will not create unnecessary fear.

In this module, she gives an overview of the test and share some example results, including some exciting "before-and-after" test results of people following her system!

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