Mouth Care Comes Clean - Ellie Phillips DDS


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Dr. Ellie's newest book, Mouth Care Comes Clean, offers breakthrough strategies to stop cavities and heal gum disease naturally.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Ellie shares her easy-to-follow strategies that put oral health under your control.

Stop and reverse cavities & gum disease


Use diet and digestive health to influence saliva quality and promote tooth & gum healing


Enjoy xylitol to control acidic damage and sensitivity


End the discomfort of dry mouth and gum recession


Avoid damage caused by flossing


Evaluate sealants and their potential dangers


Schedule the best time for dental appointments


Learn the dangers of artificial whitening and how to naturally whiten your teeth

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Included as part of the Starter Kit for Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System

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Great informative book
5 Stars

It’s very easy to read, and good to understand why Dr Ellie’s steps of mouth care work!! I have lend this book out to multiple friends as they always ask about why my teeth are so clean and white. I can’t believe it also healed the holes I used to have on top of my teeth at the gum line, which use to cause sensitivity whilst brushing. I was very skeptical about those holes being able to heal itself, but after using the products for a year, I can confidently say the holes are gone!! J. G. 1 Dec 2021