Hydrion Spill Stik pH 0-13 Test Kit


Micro Essential has manufactured Hydrion® test papers since 1934. Their Hydrion papers set the standard for quality, accuracy, and reliability. The product line of Hydrion® pH test papers and pH buffer standards are used in laboratories, hospitals and universities, worldwide.  

An essential part of a spill kit, the pH Spill Stik is 2.5 cm wide and 15 cm long, making it a great tool to test the pH of unknown liquids. The size makes it easy to handle while wearing protective gloves.

Each tube contains 10 Spill Stiks that measure pH in whole unit increments from 0 - 13.

How To Use The pH Spill Stik Test Kit

Dip Spill Stik directly into spill. Immediately compare the resulting colour to the included colour chart to determine pH reading.

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