Hydrion Hydrogen Peroxide 0-750 ppm Test Kit


Hydrion Test Kits have been trusted worldwide for nearly 40 years.

Hydrion Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit Benefits

  • A simple, reliable way to meet government and local body safety guidelines
  • Trusted by agencies around the world for mandatory testing
  • Fast, accurate results in only 90 seconds
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 100 Test Kit


Hydrion HP-750 test kits are calibrated to measure the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in solution between 0 and 750 ppm. The colour chart has matches at at 0-100-250-500-750 ppm.

Each kit contains 100 test strips in a flip-top container and matching colour chart.  Each kit provides for 100 tests.

How To Use The Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit

Dip test strip in solution for 1 second. Remove from solution and shake to remove excess solution. Match at 90 seconds to colour chart.

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