4Life Transfer Factor MalePro


Targeted support for optimal prostate health

Primary Support

  • Male Health

Secondary Support

  • Antioxidant

4Life Transfer Factor MalePro features certified Targeted Transfer Factor®


4Life Transfer Factor® MalePro® is a Targeted Transfer Factor® product and includes ingredients scientifically studied, including saw palmetto, lycopene, isoflavones, and others.

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Protected by United States patents:

  • #6,468,534
  • #6,866,868


Zinc, selenium, 4Life Transfer Factor® Blend (UltraFactor XF® and OvoFactor®), saw palmetto fruit extract, lycopene, and Proprietary Blend (Nettle root extract, kudzu root extract, soy bean extract, broccoli whole plant extract, and calcium d-glucarate).

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